“You take the last piece,” implored Katy. “No, no! I’m full . . . really,” replied Libby, holding her hands up in feigned protest. “You eat it, Kenny, honey.”

“Thought you didn’t want a chubby hubby,” replied her spouse, his eyes fixed on the dispossessed nugget of Black Forest layer cake.

“Guess it falls to you, Ben,” Katy said, gesturing toward the table.

“No room left in this bear’s belly. Sorry. I’m out of the running,” Ben said, his gaze resting on the vestige of what had been the shared dessert.

For a minute the two couples silently surveyed the surviving morsel and one another. Then the Johnsons and Harrisons resumed what was becoming a tense exchange.

“Well, someone should eat it,” pressed Libby, peering at the fudgy leftover.

“Go for it, honey,” her husband said, measuring her intent.

“Yeah, it’s a shame to let it go to waste,” added Ben.

“Oh, for God’s sake! I’ll eat it!” blurted Katy.

Her dinner companions sat frozen in disbelief as she lifted the sugary remnant to her mouth and gulped it down. Several moments of stunned silence ensued before her tablemates stood up and stomped away. The last words Katy heard from her retreating compeers were Selfish Bitch! Wiping frosting from her lips, as she sat alone at the table, Katy was pleased.


About the Author: Michael C. Keith is the author of an acclaimed memoir, three story collections, and two-dozen non-fiction books. www.michaelckeith.com

Story Song: "Cake" by The B-52s